addendum to the essay

ion inhibits the enzyme that forms enamel, which causes malformed enamel. . An ion is a free atom or molecule with a net electric charge. . In light of recent studies on fluoridation and intelligence, nobody can easily dismiss the opinion of right wing activists that fluoridation is part of a mind control program. . In this short chemistry narrative, it may become obvious that the ideal match is putting an alkali metal with a halogen, as one wants to give away an electron, and the other wants to take one. . The other attraction of R-12 and the other Freons was their relative inertness, which ventures into chlorine and fluorines great reactivity. . She demonstrated a sensible attitude and took both the pro and anti-fluoridation people to task when needed. .

 See Y Li,.M Navia, and.Y Bian's -"Caries experience in deciduous dentition of rural Chinese children 3-5 years old in relation to the presence or absence of enamel hypoplasia" Caries Res 30(1 8-15 (1996 and.P. In health science history there may be no instance with such a small window of health promotion/health destruction for a "health" additive. . If only all industrial waste problems could find themselves in such a win-win situation.

In that book is the story of how a woman tried getting the authors to change the name of the book from toxic sludge to something such as cigarettes. . In 1992, he wrote Dumbing us Down, a monograph he published after retiring from the New York City school system. 66 Throughout Fluoride and Dental Caries were instances of looking at objections to fluoridation, and the appearance of carefully considering them was undertaken. . First, the teeth develop a mottled look. . 34 For dental decay data, see Waldbott, Burgstahler, and McKinney's Fluoridation, The Great Dilemma, especially chapter. .

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