compare contrast essay gollum and smeagol

product or service can be deemed culpable for the creation of the emergent sub-human: the consumer. Anyday now, I expect to see a doppelganger app on Facebook based on Likes. His lawyer, Hicran Danisman, welcomed the decision on Tuesday. One episode almost made me throw up: it featured an elderly woman, a real-life Miss Havisham, who began buying dolls to cope with some traumatic thesis data warehousing phd life event.

Frodo begins to call Gollum by his true name which is Sméagol. Sméagol seems ver. Tags: Compare Contrast Potter Lord Rings Essays.

Is being compared to Gollum the ultimate insult

compare contrast essay gollum and smeagol

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We live in a cartoon universe where Claritas prizm psychographics categories have morphed from partial description of a population of human beings to a nearly-complete, Procrustean prescription for the construction of a universe of Gollums. Gollum, recall, remains Smeagol only to the extent that the ring needs his producer-skills, the cunning and craft of his forgotten Smeagol-hood. We become, as I have said, our psychographic personas, defined by our Likes rather than our likes. From Customers to Consumer In a rather popular post of mine from a while back, I derived, from Druckerian first principles, a definition of a customer. Sirots hands seem like lifeless cul de sacs within which her humanity is trapped. He does not evoke a one-dimensional emotional response such as identification, annoyance, pity, disgust, fear, suspicion or hate. Combinatorial Consumption and Gollumization The sheer variety of things that we consume obscures and moderates, but does not entirely prevent, our collective Gollumization. You and I arent as different from her as you might think. The margins are for drop-out exiles who have managed to flee sufficiently far away that they can live semi-redeemed human lives.