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disturbance present, despite similarities in the overall level or severity of personality disturbance. I became interested immediately and went to your site since I too have generated a keen interest as to why people of Latin America go through treacherous obstacles to leave their native lands. Two 18th century moral and political philosophers in my living room. If problem behaviors from other domains were included, we found that 20-25 of the boys were multiple problem boys (defined as those with four or more out of eight problem areas). Who are the rest? A model is presented which suggests that in the context of an organisation undergoing chaotic change they use their manipulation skills to effectively manage the discrepant views of supporters and detractors, resulting in successful career movement.

Primary and secondary variants of juvenile psychopathy differ in emotional processing. Doi:.1177/ This current article introduces the special issue on child and adolescent psychopathy and the search for protective factors. The findings are consistent with the notion that an interpersonal style characterized by high dominance and low warmth/affiliation is associated with various indicators of maladjustment and dysfunction among those with significant histories of antisocial conduct. Importantly, such work indicates that while environmental effects can alter the responsiveness of the basic neural architecture mediating emotion, environmental effects do not construct this architecture. Special issue doi:.1007/s This article considers whether psychopaths should be held criminally responsible.

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