grade 4 natural science exam papers term 3

uptake by a plant - light. B3.1b Be able to explain how the components of the nervous system can produce a coordinated response - it goes to all parts of the body, has many links, has different sensory receptors and is able to coordinate responses. Enzymes are important proteins in biology. B3.3b Be able to explain how insulin controls blood sugar levels in the body.3c (HT only) Be able to explain how glucagon interacts with insulin to control blood sugar levels in the body You should have investigated into the glucose content of fake urine. B2.2a Be able to explain the need for exchange surfaces and a transport system in multicellular organisms in terms of surface area:volume ratio to include surface area, volume and diffusion distances Investigating surface area:volume ratio using hydrochloric acid and gelatine cubes stained with phenolphthalein.

OCR gcse 9-1 Gateway Biology A Paper 2 Paper 4 separate

grade 4 natural science exam papers term 3

You should also be familiar with some sub-cellular structures, and the similarities and differences between plant and animal cells. Appreciate that plants do respire too!

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(for OCR 9-1 gcse Gateway Combined Science - biology topics) The 1st biology paper assesses Topics B1, B2, B3 and CS7 summary of Topic B1: Cell level systems: Containing sections:.1 Cell structures,.2 What happens in cells (and what do cells need)? After you have chosen your topic question, you will want to find out more about the issue before you decide on what your answer is going. Experiments to show the consequences of light exclusion on photosynthesising plants (e.g. B2.2f Be able to explain how water and mineral ions are taken up by plants, relating the structure of the root hair cells to their function Examination of root hair cells using a light microscope. . Work out the rate of transpiration in volume of water/time. B2.1c Be able to explain the importance of cell differentiation including the production of specialised conclusion of ww1 essay cells allowing organisms to become more efficient and examples of specialised cells. (Revision for OCR Gateway Science gcse 9-1 Combined Science A, 1st biology paper Topic B1 "Cell level systems papers 1/7) Appreciate that life processes depend on biological molecules whose structure is related to their function.

Science, gCSE 9-1 biology A, Topic B5 Genes, inheritance and selection, FT Paper 2/HT Paper 4 ) Know that variation in the genome and changes in the environment drive the process of natural selection, leading to changes in the characteristics of populations.
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