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the Rule of the Many, (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012). Democracy is supposed to be rule of the people, by the people, and for the people. So, to expose the political employment of historys disciplinary hegemony, he focuses in the introduction on the politico-institutional locations and practices of historical cultures and stresses their discursive practices and professional/ peer-approved standards which determine and regulate what passes for proper civilising and identity providing. Back to (4) Friedrich Nietzsche, Jenseits von Gut und Böse, 34; Die fröhliche Wissenschaft, 112.

At the Limits of History
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Jenkins keeps returning to its textual location in Derrida and Badiou where cognition and action, self-realization and ethical commitment intersect, thus, in a postmodern culture of uncertainty, certainly orientating himself with reference to those articulating its uncertainty. The result is: the historian-function proves to be both self-deceptive and duplicitous. Similarly, to expose the political-ideological authority of the historian-function he insists, in the same essay, that the historians injunction to learn lessons from the past / history boils down to coercing the recognition of historians themselves as moral guides and as providers of and legitimators. Moreover, those most interested in politics are also particularly prone to discuss it only with others who agree with their views, and to follow politics only through like-minded media.5. Back to (9) Patrick Wintour, Britains closed shop, The Guardian,.4. 7 Somin, Democracy and Political Ignorance, 163.

Essay history knowledge politics
essay history knowledge politics