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youth lack wisdom; even if this popular adage is conceded for the sake of argument, the youth possess ingenuity, knowledge, and ability to drive national development. . The major hydro-electricity projects are: * Kaligandaki: 144MW * Marsyangdi: 75MW * Kulekhani I: 60MW * Bhote Koshi: 36MW * Khimti: 60MW * Kulekhani: 32MW land/soil Land is the other natural resource of Nepal. Global growth picked up and growth in South Asia remained strong despite adverse weather conditions. This means that the country needs appropriate and sustainable productive activities or more industry to provide jobs for the people. In 2008,.9 of the foreign visitors came from Asia (18.2 from India while Western Europeans accounted for.5,.6 were from North America,.2 from Australia and the Pacific Region,.6 from Eastern Europe,.5 from Central and South America,.3 from Africa and. When rainfall is heavy the top soil of the hills is washed away. Technology Nepal has been a late starter in modem science and technology.

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The rivers flow through the mountain regions to the Terai. Thus, the respect for individual liberty and a desire for revolutionary transformation do not contradict one another; it is time for the youth to realize their own abilities to facilitate positive change. This dissertation contains three substantive essays applying a number of econometric models to test a number of the hypotheses using both panel and cross-section data from the Ne-pal Living Standard Surveys and time series data for commodity prices and farm yields. Educated people are also more likely to increase their work hours. Understanding Nepals underdevelopment has become particularly pressing in light of the Maoist insurgency that began in 1996. However, political power is not invariably a solution: if political power is attractive because governments can impose conditions on society, it is also true that those who seek political power are often people with self-serving and narrow intentions who are likely to abuse power (Friedman. In contrast, non labour income appears to increase work hours of household members. All these groups, collectively, provide an incredible resource base in ideas, finance, and workforce that can trickle down to, and benefit from the achievements of, the resident youth in Nepal. Copper: Buddha Khola (Bandipur Gyari (Gorkha Arghauli (Chisapani Taplejung, Ilam, Baitadi, etc.

Limestones are used in cement industries. Youths strategy, I believe, should employ a realistic identification of opportunities and a pragmatic idealism in entrepreneurial attempts to realize them. Aggregates are based on constant 2000.S.