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it was introduced. Online Available at records/?ID24632. Australias preferred source of immigration, the United Kingdom, having just suffered over four-hundred-thousand casualties during the war was in no position to meet the numbers required either. How The White Australia Policy Shaped Australia History report an article essay Essay. Assimilation was generally perceived as the natural process for migrants. These policies were put in place to keep Australia white for racial issues, economic issues and for the preservation of democratic freedom.

This revised Act allowed distinguished Asians the opportunity to immigrate. . The impact of such a racist immigration history on contemporary Australia is also discussed in terms of attitudes and behaviours of the population. Discrimination on the grounds of race was abolished. Following the election of a coalition of the Liberal and Country parties in 1949, Immigration Minister Harold Holt allowed 800 non-European refugees to remain in Australia and Japanese war brides to enter Australia. This decision began Australia's immigration policy reform and was the first step towards a non-discriminatory immigration policy. Australians had no real understanding of other races, except that they were different.