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up being failures with the indigenous people rejecting them by arguing that such attempts are meant to control their lifestyle, and that they would wish to develop under their values and culture. Reference this, human rights are fundamental rights which protect mankind where all humans are entitled with the rights to speak and live in both liberty and equality before the laws because of the existence of human rights. Under, human rights are fact and issue sheets about different aspects of human rights and an essay discussing the arguments for and against a national charter of rights in Australia.

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In addition, indigenous people are always negatively impacted by development processes and air force essay these pose grave threat to their continued existence. The UN human rights law for indigenous people therefore encouraged the realization of the human right protection in Australia. Just like every other community, indigenous communities have their own affairs in all aspect that are meant to ensure that development processes are aligned with their customs, values, patterns, and culture-oriented view of the world (Taylor 2007). Meanwhile, a proportion of people argue that if a bill of rights is imposed, it will be undemocratic as many people are concerned allowing people to take human rights claims to the courts and will transfer extra power from the democratically elected parliament. Language, Culture, and Curriculum,.

In Australia, the aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are particularly vulnerable to breaches of their rights. 6, this had showed that even though there is no bill of rights but the human rights of the Australian still been adequately protected as the justices or judges protecting the rights of human by resolve the cases by contrary to the convention on the. The immediate step of this was the federal government completing a national consultation on human rights and released a report through the consultations committee.

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