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and how to make it work. Everything I knew was about to change. I will say that I really enjoyed watching both films and there are a lot of interesting things to dicsuss about them. The main thing is humour.

From the movie, it seems as though the Greek culture is a high context culture. We spent time visiting temples and shopping in preparation for the wedding.

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My wedding day was everything that had dreamed. I was ready very early, I guess all the things did not take as long as I thought to be finished. Individualism vs Collectivism The movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding reveals the sharp contrast between American individualism how to be a smart consumer essay pt3 and Greek collectivism. Movie Reflection-My Big Fat Greek Wedding Essay.In the 2002 movie release. My Big Fat Greek Wedding Essay.understand interactions that occur in our daily lives. Their family is mono-culture. My, big Fat Greek, wedding follows the romance of Toula and Ian from first meeting to their wedding. High context cultures have a strong sense of tradition and history, and they do not change much over. He was living abroad and could not make the trip back because of immigration issues. Our wedding dress was red and white color. I continue to believe that things always come out for the best. During the movie, I found that these concepts that were taught in class helped me better understand and relate to certain clips of the movie.