salem witch trials analytical essay

hunting phase. This belief made many people fear the actions of those who were against God. As in Europe there was a belief that the accused were in league with the Devil and "experts" employed "scientific" ways of diagnosing witchcraft. They explained how they knew about witches and they became "wiser" on recognizing who was and was not a witch. I know nothing. Reference Copied to Clipboard. The witchcraft hysteria first began in 1962 when a group of girls started to behave in a strange way after playing in a fortune-telling game. This was likely to be a more acute problem in the.S., since the people who were named by those who cooperated with the Committee werent hanged and put out of the way, just fired and left to try to lead the resistance to McCarthyism. Scholars have sought psychological and biological explanations for the symptoms displayed by the bewitched girls.

At her trial, many of her neighbors turned on her. Tituba, an Indian witch was accused of bewitching the two girls . People who practiced white magic were hardly punished at all, because it only consisted of luck charms and love potions Only the people who practiced black magic witchcraft that was intended to injure or kill other civilians were executed. Harvard: University press, 1869,.61. Their way of living was well organized and felt protected with the people in charge. In 1689, the religious congregation was formed under the lead of Reverend Parris . Religious tension made this worse as many Puritans believed that God had advanced his wrath on man due to his sinful nature . After Tituba and a few other women accused of witchcraft were arrested, Betty and Abigail started to name their afflicters.

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Apart from the changes which obviously are made for theatrical convenience (giving Ann Putnam,. Salem village had repeatedly asked for permission to form its own "Church" in the proper sense, but been denied. Analysis of the accused The accused witches were predominantly Puritans. Salem village was particularly pressed for land, being hemmed in on all sides. When they heard about this, they accused her of witchcraft. On May 10, Sarah Osborne died in a Boston prison, just a George Jacobs,.

Salem witch trials analytical essay
salem witch trials analytical essay

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