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system are all vital for optimal health and well being. In this patient-blinded, assessor-blinded, placebo-controlled study, the authors state that the data lend support to the hypothesis that chiropractic manipulation of the thoracic spine significantly reduces blood pressure in patients with elevated blood pressure. The types and frequencies of nonmusculoskeletal symptoms reported after chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy. Not only was the reduction in systolic blood pressure statistically significant; more important was the clinical significance of this effect. Before care the average blood pressure of the 8 hypotensive patients was 100/67.5, after care it was 114/76.3. This is where the results of our finding are significant, because chiropractic spinal adjustments may be able to reduce a patients blood pressure and in conjunction with visits to their local GP, the level of prescribed drugs may be significantly reduced, said Dr Tassell. Plaugher G, Bachman. Chiropractic Association, 1977; 11/S: 58-62.

The effects of upper cervical adjustment upon the normal physiology of the heart. A total of 1,504 questionnaires were completed and returned. The management of hypertensive disease: a review of spinal manipulation and the efficacy of conservative therapeusis. Six of eight patients under chiropractic experienced relief of symptoms and lowered blood pressure after chiropractic care.

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The benefit of how do ivy league schools evaluate essays chiropractic care is that it is a drugless, painless, and surgically free approach to good health, with the goal of helping allow the body to function and repair itself, said Dr Tassell. More than.6 million Australians over the age of 25 have high blood pressure or are on medication for the condition, but findings recently released by the Chiropractors association of Australia indicate there is a non-drug alternative that can lower abnormal blood pressure in healthy. These chiropractic research findings and the affect of high blood pressure on the Australian population provide a good foundation to recommend further studies involving larger groups for more detailed testing, said Dr Tassell. The latest findings published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics Vol, 24,No.2,by Dr Gary Knutson., show chiropractic adjustments to the upper neck can lower systolic blood pressure almost immediately. A 38-year-old male complaining of hypertension of 14 years duration was suffering from the side effects of medication (Minipress T and Corgard T bloating sensations, depression, fatigue, and impotency. Although not a treatment for any disease Chiropractic is designed to maximize life and boost the bodies recuperative powers. A single chiropractic intervention can bring about a significant reduction in blood pressure in a hypertensive group of subjects. A world traveler, photographer, lecturer, and author. Might offer a drugless means of lowering blood pressure in essential hypertensive patients. After three visits, patients.D. Florida Bodybuilding Championships, 1st runner-up in the.

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