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those in the honours program or considering the honours program, please note that two courses (psyc 311 and psyc 430) require you to perform research projects. May include specific comments or questions students want to address to supervisor. Highly cited, peer reviewed, published articles relevant psychological theory and specific research studies. Preparing a research proposal edit, overview edit, honours courses at different universities may or may not formally require a Research Proposal.

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At least partly because of these courses this program gives the best preparation for admission to graduate school. Registration procedure, registration is not accessible through your student center. References Appendices :.g., a copy of the instrumentation to be used, informed consent statement Ethical approval edit Before doing any research, permission is needed from an appropriate human/animal research ethics authority in the local jurisdiction (e.g., IRB, hrec). Avoid presenting duplicate sentences in the literature review and introduction to the research article (self-plagiarism). For more information, see: What is a literature review? Brainstorm (cast the net widely initially). Approach the professor(s) who have an area of research that interests you, by communicating with them via e-mail, to ask for an appointment. Formatting edit Use APA style, paying particular attention to: Page orientation and margins Running head and page numbering Font type and size Heading styles 3 Paragraph style Quality of written expression Spelling and grammar Citation style Tables and Figures References Title page edit Provide.