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market was rapidly attenuated by redistribution and the welfare state, the antithesis of the kind of market policies preached and applied to the developing world by the Washington consensus. The list of complaints against laissez-faire capitalism is long, including such contradictory notions as its guilt in impoverishing the masses and its role in enabling the poor to escape their proper station in life. Chua points to many examples around the world of majority hatred directed against outsiders who, by virtue of their superior business acumen, become conspicuously wealthy. All that World on Fire proves in the end is that governments cannot be depended upon to prevent violence against people who have been, for whatever reason, demonized by others. But her book may be read by opponents of the free market as proving that government policy should be used aggressively to redistribute wealth in order to avoid the kind of violence she describes. Given these initial conditions, both free-market reforms and democratization have negative side effects.

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She believes that the idea that the two somehow form some kind of virtuous circle is wrong. 108, issue 1,. In the Philippines, as in many other nations, ethnic Chinese have been more economically successful than the indigenous population generally. This is liable - admission essay write as happened in Indonesia with the fall of Suharto and the anti-Chinese riots - to boil over at any time. Chua, "Markets, Democracy, and Ethnicity: Toward a New Paradigm for Law and Development", Faculty Scholarship Series. Chua, a professor at Yale Law School, begins with a painful personal experience. The worst democracies do, rather, is impotently twiddle their thumbs in the face of ethnic riots. . That is also surprising because, alas, there is little Chinese writing on ethnicity either. All that, world on Fire proves is that governments cannot be depended on to prevent violence against people who have been, for whatever reason, demonized by others.