essay on future of democracy in india

the people, for the people. . But at times, communal and fundamentalist forces raise their ugly heads and cause considerable strain and threat to the spirit of democracy. . Democracy is the best form of government so far found but it is not without its defects and criticism. . For, it has failed to fulfill mans expectations. This norm of self-seeking is- tending to spirit the moral binding of society. How far Indian democracy will absorb these shocks is a moot question. It is not possible for all the people in a big country like India to participate in the government. Democracy is an evolutionary process, dependent on constant modification and change in the light what does the future hold essay of experience. .

These elections are a testimony to Indian peoples faith in the institution of democracy. However, during that election the people of India did not really had the necessary consciousness to understand democracy. Democracy has been successful in India because we are a tolerant people and have proper regard for the others point of view.

A democracy regards the Peoples will to be paramount. . There cannot be any discrimination on the basis of ones faith and religion either. . These political parties are the very life-blood of Indian democracy. Our moral two benefits of writing a business plan base is rocking will, the superstructure remain? It it of this reason that ministers of all India political parties feel no normal qualms in compromising with regional parties and principles. Difference of opinion is not only compatible with democracy, but an essential ingredient for. .