short essay on eid ul fitr in hindi

of reading his make writing research paper easy text books. Readers are recommended to allow their kids to watch these photo of daily routine plan first to make this essay reading interesting. Al-Sadaqah is charity as opposed to Zakah which is a compulsory religious duty conferred by God Almighty upon all Muslims whose wealth exceeds the prescribed limit. Register asap as registration closes on May 24! In this way he has grown and strengthens his mind in the subject of his interest. Join us for extra prayers in the early morning.

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Questions can be submitted anonymously at /youthhangout Iftar-beque: May 27, 8 pm IIT Youth Council invites students and young professionals to our first ever "Iftar-beque"! Get details register Iftar sponsored by HCI: May 18 Join us for a special iftar sponsored by Human Concern International, one of our partners working to alleviate suffering across do you sign scholarship essays the world. We thank the Lord for the gift of Islam, for honoring us to worship Him, to stand in Prayer, to fast, to give charities and perform optional devotions: all intended to seek His pleasure and come nearer to Him. Although the primary recipients of zakah are the poor and needy, part of zakah can also be given to causes that are beneficial for the cause of Islam. From other wives there were no children. Applications close June.

short essay on eid ul fitr in hindi

Eid is an Arabic word meaning 'festivity while Fir means 'breaking the fast'. Ramadhan 1: May 16 as per the Fiqh Council of North America. Eid ul-fitr: Friday, June 15 (khateeb: Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick) Remember to pay fitrah (10/person) well in advance of eid.

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