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tobacco cigaretteswhile they are doing everything they can to discourage people from switching to the much safer fake ones. The scientific research conducted so far suggests that electronic cigarettes are much safer than regular cigarettes, and that in particular, they carry a greatly reduced risk of lung cancer, other cancers, and chronic obstructive lung disease. With funding from the National Institutes of Health and, more recently, the Department of Defense, he has been working to develop molecular tests for early detection of lung cancer. This would suggest that the product is potentially safer. This entails measuring the activity of all 20,000 genes in your cells, which we can do in 24 to 48 hours. Video: Josh Jason on the pleasures of vaping. BU Research discussed the controversy with Siegel.

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Throughout this web site I've mentioned a number of studies, presentations, commentary from health professionals, special reports and various research carried out on e-cigarettes and vaping. After becoming addicted to a substance, quitting is a very difficult task because the user will crave the drug and the way it makes them feel every single day. The picture frequently painted for the public is that nicotine alone creates the addiction to smoking, and that nicotine in itself whether consumed by smoking or vaping is hugely addictive. When I became a lung doctor, I was seeing a huge population of smokers who were getting diagnosed with lung cancer at this institution at an advanced stage where I couldnt offer them any effective treatment. This is not a tobacco product, he says, but when you burn a liquid, it changes the composition, and when you inhale that liquid, you get nicotine plus other chemicals.

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