sales presentation

list of bullet points not only bores the audience, but it also reduces the likelihood that they will remember what you said. Learn about the product inside and out, and strive to keep abreast of any new developments. Pictures communicate messages more clearly than written text or even the spoken word.

If you are a caterer, for example, determine if you use fresher food or better ingredients, or if you prepare food in a unique way. Otherwise you risk never hearing from that customer again. Get lots of feedback. Discuss your company's history and what sets you apart (but only if this information will give you an advantage). I just couldn't understand it my presentations were totally by the book. Keep your hands out of your pockets and don't fidget during quiet moments. Ask a friend or colleague to role play as the customer and ask questions or raise objections that you did not anticipate. Commit it to memory so you need only glance at your notes. If youve been working in sales or marketing for a while now, you should be pretty familiar with the phrase, sales pitch. A food services distributor, for example, could help a coffee shop improve their menu with new equipment or better ingredients. Withhold no information about how valuable you are.