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of bad censorship, I merely pointed out that a few bad examples does not imply that censorship in all circumstances is immoral. It had formerly been made only for military and research purposes, where in 1974, the general public gets its first vague hint of how networked computers can be used in daily life as the commercial version of the arpanet goes online. However, it is very difficult to take modest steps in this sensitive issue of Internet censorship. Representing the rights of the public and the power of a country while owning and operating the Internet, the government has the absolute responsibility to censor the internet so as to protect its own citizens from harmful and false information, thus in order to prevent. For there own benefit. As parenting is not only about chaining a child to a parental censor but about creating a safe environment for children to grow up in at the same time, an uncensored Internet is apparently not a safe environment for children. However, the freedom and democracy on Internet, being one of its greatest beauties and drawing features, is apparently abused by the population online.

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I can give a list why censorship is bad in all corners. M contains interesting essays on the best and popular writing topics. But then he says that the government should not censor. Rating ( 93 score) - 2 votes. It makes the US complete hyprocite. Join now to read this particular paper and access over who can do my statistics homework 480,000 just like this. Nowadays, Internet is commonly regarded as the most widely used source and the fastest way to exchange information and knowledge all over the world.

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