stargirl essay about bullying

orator and still no one likes her, Susan gives up trying to be something that she is not. And popular she remains. Stargirl and Leo are forced to be on the fringes of society because of Stargirl's inability to conform to Mica High's social expectations. But if she is not connected to them, does this mean that she is not connected to the world, too? Spinelli made readers laugh when Crash left a meatball on Penns front porch. . At this time, Spinelli decided to become a writer. In the beginning, stars "supplied the ingredients that became us, the primordial elements. Even fifteen years after the end of the book's main action, Leo, our protagonist, is still trying to suss her out.

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stargirl essay about bullying

The boundary is gone. After a while, it's pretty clear that the entire school can't stand the fact that she does this. Either way, someone gets hurt. Then, maybe you can come up with your own idea of just who this girl. Stargirl does all of these things and a whole lot more, because she is either unaware of these unwritten rules, or she simply doesn't care to follow them. Should she change herself to help Leo, who desperately wants her to? She doesn't quite understand all the unwritten rules that Mica's high school has, so she goes right along, doing her own thing. Since Spinelli's, stargirl is written from Leo's perspective, readers see Stargirl from the narrator's point of view. She hasn't forgotten, like the rest. Enjoy your search and have fun! There is a possibility of 20 points: 20-17 points A 16-13 points B 12-9 points C 8-5 points D 4-0 points F, rubric 2008. The truth is, she feels like she knows them, even if she technically has never met them before.

Leo says it best: "Classrooms, hallways, courtyard, lunchroomeverywhere I went I heard her disparaged, mocked, slurred.".   How should students respond to bullying?

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