pakistan in 2050 essay

its difficult to find a car that you drive manually. BJP will be the single largest party in the country and congress will be replaced by some new emerging party. Misinformation too needs to become a crime punishable by law. Equally worrying is petty bribes that are rampant in our culture. Pakistan has already outperformed all 26 frontier and emerging stock markets in 2016. Back in 2013, when the first commercial electric cars hit the road, no one realized at the time that the batteries didnt work. Not learning from other countries and neglecting their tried and tested wisdom can only result in our own peril. Visa restrictions in the face of standoff only means our loss.

India will have almost 500 Billionaires with few trillionaires. All public expression of encouraging people to use group violence needs to be a punishable crime. Hoping that in not too distant future, data like this shouldnt be a surprise at all not even for a layperson.

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8 Invisible monopolies There are also invisible monopolies and barriers to entry a kind of how to write a creative nonfiction personal essay glass ceiling for talented individuals and enterprises to break new ground. After I got out of bed, I took my breakfast pill which gives my body everything it needs. Public transport will become more advanced and complex. We can learn from recent systemic initiatives of comparison economies like Nigeria, India and Indonesia where corruption had been endemic. Pakistan will face next 30 years of Civil war due to its army taking over country and not developing. Under 225 billion obor, a Silk Road Economic Belt through Central Asia and a 21st Century Maritime Silk Road through Southeast and South Asia are being planned. Its always good to have a backup in case something happens, even though the risk of contracting a bad disease is today is quite low. We need to negotiate for our space with each other with civility. The population advantage Stereotypically, we had been told that a large population in an illiterate country is a burden, a liability. Only some will survive.

By GDP purchasing power parity, Pakistan will be 15th largest. While we are fixing our issues with neighbours, its important to mend ties with Bangladesh. Pakistan will surpass todays giant economies of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Taiwan. Here we are going to list some of the points that looks promising.

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