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5 of the people they were older then. The disease works by degenerating the ganglia (a pair of nerve clusters nurse profile essay deep in the brain that controls movement, thought, perception, and memory) and cortex by using energy incorrectly. Space project, became an official nasa program on October 7, 1958. While there is currently no cure, some therapies can help people to manage the condition and improve quality of life. In the latter stages, patients with HD require full-time care, and often families opt to place their loved ones in nursing homes. It has been suggested that treatment with nerve-growth producing agents may be an affective treatment, but research is still being conducted. In 1872, Doctor George Huntington wrote an essay on chorea which described how Huntingtons disorder gains its name. Throughout all stages, it is important to adjust the patient's diet to ensure adequate food intake. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, "Huntington's Disease: 1992 Research Highlights". It can take a long time to reach a diagnosis.

The three most profound behavioral problems in Huntington s disease come from.
Huntington Study Group Position Statement on Experimental Surgical.
Huntington s disease: what we learned from t he original essay.
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This migr ation causes brain cells to become more vulnerable to chemicals in the body leading to cell death. HD, genetics, and pregnancy If a couple wish to have a child, and one parent has the faulty gene, it is possible to have in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. Since the huntington protien causes a gain of function instead of a loss of function, normal gene therapy tecniques normally do not work. Steve Davies, "Scientists Report New Understanding of Cell Death in HD".

The complications surrounding the behavioral symptoms seen in HD centers around the fact that "motor systems comprise more than a collection of reflexes and central pattern g enerators (CPG). Web links were active as of the time the paper was posted but are not updated. Essay, term paper, research paper: Science Reports. However, the hope for a cure continues to mount every year and families and communities are joining together to promote better treatment and understanding for those with the disease. He became extremely famous, but had to live with the fact that he has a 50 chance of having the disorder. This can cause unsteady and uncontrollable movement in the hands, feet and face. Eventually, the person will need full-time care.