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quarrelsome, truculent, warlike impertinent Definition: bold, disrespectful Synonyms: arrogant, brazen, discourteous, fresh, impolite, impudent, insolent, offensive, rude, unsuitable intransigent Definition: uncompromising Synonyms: adamant, inflexible. Authorship: is author identified and what are their qualifications? Experiment with two or three different openings and choose the one that will most interest audience o Don't worry about the exact wording of intro intil the body is finished. Can be used in persuasive or informative speeches problem-solution order a method of speech organization in which the first main point deals with the existence of a problem and the second main point presents a solution to the problem Used in persuasive speeches topical order. Distinguish among direct"tions, paraphrases, and your own ideas. Supporting materials the materials used to support a speakers ideas. Practice delivery to enhance your extended examples Tips for using statistics:. For some, it may connote personal growth, childhood friends, and a special teacher. Not concentrating spare brain time- we good poems to do a research paper on can process speakers words faster than they talk to we are tempted to interrupt our listening by listening to other things. Set up the recorder, if you are using one.

I only want to create citations. 5 Steps to Prepare for an Interview:. Speaking Impromptu.Speaking extemporaneously Nonverbal communication communication based on a person's use of voice and body rather than on the use of words manuscript speech a speech that is written out word for word and read to the audience impromptu speech a speech delivered with. Definition: tiredness, synonyms: burnout, exhaustion, weakness inflexible, definition: rigidly firm in purpose; incapable of change: stubborn. Prepare your questions 6 Guidelines for Making an Interview Proceed Smoothly:. Usually used in informative speeches casual order a method of speech organization in which the main points show a cause-effect relationship(2 main points). Use tone of your voice to signal end of speech. Make examples vivid and richly textured. Take notes efficiently. Purpose Different elements of an introduction and the function of each element:.

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