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slavery was wrong. Narrative also implies that Sandy may have informed William Freeland about Douglasss plans to escape. Anthony is a cruel man who takes pleasure in whipping his slaves, especially Douglasss Aunt Hester. Johnson is well informed on national politics and keeps a nice household. Anna Murray - Douglasss wife. Hamilton himself sometimes takes charge of Douglass, as when Hamilton arrests Douglass the friendship of huckleberry and jim essay for plotting to escape from Freeland. After attending a church meeting in Maryland, Thomas Auld becomes a pious man, but he uses his newfound Christianity to be even more self-righteously brutal toward his slaves. Hugh Auld sends Douglass to Gardner to learn the trade of caulking.

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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass The power of education. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass is one of the most important themes in the entire work, but it is not a theme with a consistent meaning. The narrative is a great piece of literature, not only for his day, but for ours because we can learn so much about slavery from. Work Cited: Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Frederick Douglass, Dover Publications, Inc. Thesis, the message sent to Americans.

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The highly superstitious Sandy stands in the. Slave owners send their unruly slaves to Covey, who works and punishes them (thus getting free labor to cultivate his rented land) and returns them trained and docile. Douglass, a rhetorically skilled and spirited man, is a powerful orator for the abolitionist movement. Nathan Johnson - A Massachusetts worker and abolitionist. Many slaves, in fact, preferred to stay enslaved rather than leave their. When he is young, he doesn't really understand what. Betsy raised Douglass on Captain Anthonys land after Douglasss mother was taken away. Lucretia Auld - Captain Anthonys daughter and Thomas Aulds wife. William Gardner - A Baltimore shipbuilder. Visions of America, the American constitution was amended after the Civil War, but in the original version, not only was slavery legal, but a slave was counted as precisely three-fifths of a person. Thomas Auld did not grow up owning slaves, but gained them through his marriage to Lucretia. Captain Anthony is extraordinarily interested in Hester, and she therefore suffers countless whippings at his hands.

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

thesis statement for narrative of frederick douglass