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People left the state of nature, according to Locke, not out of fear of violent death, but as a matter of convenience and in order to protect their property. He had long been interested. Locke on the other hand stated that society could overthrow the government without returning to the state of nature because the social contract would still be in effect. Lady Masham was a daughter of Cudworth, the Cambridge Platonist; Lock had manifested a growing sympathy with his type of liberal theology; intellectual affinity increased his friendship with the family at Oates; and he continued to live with them till his death on October. T follow these rights his power can be taken away. Although official duties called him to town for protracted periods, he was able to fix his residence in the country. At Oxford, he studied natural philosophy and earned both his bachelors and masters degrees. He also offers a sequence of what topics should be covered, from initial reading instruction through abstract reasoning, philosophy, and accounting.

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These ideas are what creates our thoughts, perception, and consciousness. For Locke, mixing labor was in effect placing a part of the self into an object, and thereby making it part of the individual and therefore their property. Locke believed we have no knowledge other then our ideas. The official studies of the university were uncongenial to him; he would have preferred to have learned philosophy from Descartes instead of from Aristotle; but must have satisfied the authorities, for he was elected to a senior studentship in 1659, and, in the three. They differed however, in that Locke believed that god was the prime factor in politics. John Locke also wrote a famous essay called. The new government recognized his services to the cause of freedom by the offer of the post of ambassador either at Berlin or at Vienna.

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