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and others. Internally displaced people (IDPs) come from remote rural areas, where most of the clashes between leftist guerrillas farc-ELN, right-wing paramilitary groups and government forces takes place. Leading the relief operation. According to the UN statistics, more people per capita were killed in El Salvador than in Iraq, in recent years. President Barack Obama spoke directly to Haitians You will not be forsaken. Originally published in, pBS Newshour. Although the main part of the crop is still refined into a sugar, the global demand of biofuel and ethanol has intensified the sugar cane production in the last years. You will not be forgotten but every year since, critics have asked the same question: Where did the money go? However, they still dream of representing Colombia at Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

Soon after those occupiers desisted, looted the treasury. As I have mentioned previously, Haiti has alot of bad press that it really doesn t deserve. I think one of the best ways to share the reality of traveling to this amazing country is through photos, so I wanted to try my hand at a photo essay covering my journey to and from the. Haiti : A, photo, essay, johnny Sandaire.

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Women face an increased risk of sexual violence in tent camps, ajws said, among other human rights violations. While the number of Haitians living in these tent camps have decreased since the earthquake, 123 camps housing more than 85,000 people remain open, Amnesty International said. Tattooed armed young men, mainly from the poorest neighborhoods, fight unmerciful turf battles with their coevals from the rival gang, balancing between life and death every day. Due to the criminal activities of Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) and 18th Street Gang (M-18 the two major street gangs in El Salvador, the country has fallen into the spiral of fear, violence and death. Displaced persons flee in a hurry, carrying just personal belongings, and thus they inevitably end up in large slums of the big cities, with no hope for uprooted americans essays to honor oscar handlin the future.