robert fisk essay about hariri

socks were on fire. And how does Hizbullah fit into this picture? He did not say he had been powerless to stop its reckless attack on Israel last week. For it now transpires that a number of EU ambassadors in Riyadh seriously feared for Saad Hariris life after he read his infamous and scripted speech. The cash-strapped kingdom also owes Hariris Oger company as much as 9 billion, which is another possible contributing factor to Hariris strange resignation, according to Fisk.

He documented the violations of international law by Israel in Lebanon, offering a personal record of the nature and scale of war crimes as more than 1,000 Lebanese civilians died in Israels aerial bombardment of the country, hundreds of thousands more were made refugees, and. He once expressed his fury to me after Hezbollahs leader, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, decided to build a tomb for his martyrs opposite the entrance to the spanking new glass and steel airport which Hariri had built to the south of Beirut. Is that Fisks conclusion? Even though, as we saw above, Fisk appears to agree with this interpretation of events, he again lambasts the Hizbullah leader for hypocrisy: I think both sides planned this, and a hint came in another part of Nasrallahs breathtakingly hypocritical address. Of course, the Hizbollah have brought catastrophe to their coreligionists (July 26, 2006). Well, I guess that from now on, hes going to associate. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri needs to return to his country before officially stepping down from his post. It looks as if this too will be a dismal failure thanks partly to President Macron. So now he turned his massive irritation against Lebanon. During Israels attack on Lebanon this summer, the distinguished British journalist Robert Fisk did sterling work as might have been expected debunking some of the main myths that littered the battlefield almost as dangerously as the tens of thousands of US-made cluster bombs that Israel. He tried to economically strangle Qatar because of its close relations with Iran and liquidate the Al Jazeera channel, and he failed.