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world countries than they are in third world countries. Our prolonged use of fossil fuel has also created a downside impact of environmental hazards, such as pollution and global warming as its combustion release high amount of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas (m. 2008 only about.007 of all water on earth is ready to be consumed by a human and that without water, a human can only live for three days, approximately.6 billion people on Earth lacks access to a safe supply of dirking water which. The poverty statistics shows that one quarter and half of the population earns less than 1US each day which causes an extremely low annual Gross Domestic Product per capita that is around 360. Some cancers may be cured and this depends on certain variables such as the type of cancer, where the cancer is, and how early it has been detected. The life expectancy is around 45 years, and a birth rate is on average.3 per woman. With some exceptions to this rule, most of Africa, Latin America, and Asia are defined as third world countries while the first world countries consist mainly most of Europe, the former British Empire (USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and Japan. Science plays a major role in todays world this also includes issue of water and the benefits and limitation science can provide for Singapore in her water issue. The chapter mentions that it was probably a woman that threw away the trash and later discovered the miracle of the plant that grew from the seed days later.

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What can prevent this little group of world citizens, a small minority today, to blossom into a majority tomorrowor if not tomorrow, sometime in the near or distant future? According to (Water Partners International. The latter child will likely never attend school a day in his life, let alone college. Yet, Ikea are taking the necessary steps to eradicate further climate change. These two very different types of countries have many contrasting qualities as well as similar ones. The people who live there struggle to make ends meet, put clothes on their back, etc. Lets take a step further to first examine Kenyas historical background. Its vital to understand the importance of poverty in Third World Nations many suffer from the lack of clean water, low literacy rate, education, food, and several infectious diseases. Life is, for the most part, much more convenient for those in highly developed countries. For solar panels to provide sufficient energy for all the stores that Ikea owns, almost all stores will need an extra1,300 90-watt solar panels.

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