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squalid, lest the patient suffer harm" ( Bechker, 1622: 33 ). When I heard about the shooting, a scream came out. I'll take it, I say. There are two reasons why only seventy to eighty percent of murderers have prior adult criminal records. 9 During the past 30 years, commentators have written more about gun control than all other criminal topics combined. "The Second Amendment as a Phenomenon of Classical Political Philosophy. Among the relevant differences are that, unlike handguns, pools are not used to defend against.1 million crimes each year, nor do pools save innumerable innocent lives. I bet you are too.

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A law banning defensive gun ownership will inculcate their views that: The only reason for guns in civilian hands (p.357)is for sporting purposes 10 that personal self-defense and the ownership of arms for protection of home and family is morally wrong; 11 and that defensive. You need to go home and pack." Back in New York, I walk into John Jovino's, the oldest gun retailer in the city (although there aren't many, and the two others only sell long guns). 1092, reh'g denied, 494.S. Despite the ways in which I am forced to think about safety, despite seneca essays in anger statistics, despite the gun owners I have known and respected, despite politicians' hypotheticals, I recognize that to own a gun, to keep a gun in my home, to carry a gun. This past August, we opened the Victoria Soto School, an elementary school in our hometown of Stratford, Connecticut. Herrnstein, Crime and Human Nature 19 (1985) (stating that "young men who drive recklessly and have many accidents tend to be similar to those who commit crimes. Kleck summarizes: "Fixating on guns seems to be, for many people, a fetish which allows them to ignore the more instrangient causes of American violence, including its dying cities, inequality, deteriorating family structure, and the all-pervasive economic and social consequences of a history of slavery. 80 Police have long been loathe to arrest in such situations. In addition, Purdy, a mildly retarded alcoholic, had a record of mental disease for which he should have been committed and treated. When you order your paper, just tell us what you want, and we will make sure to do it!

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