essay comparison alexander the great and julius caesar

him. Augustuss first public appearance came when he was twelve. His election into the consul was however not without controversy. Most of his early life is unclear due to a very uneventful nineteen years. So, they are similar right?

Essay comparison alexander the great and julius caesar
essay comparison alexander the great and julius caesar

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All of Alexanders accomplishments are too numerous to list, but it would do him justice to simply say that he was a hero of his time and his name is still known throughout much of the world. He spoke these words Alexanders death. An analysis of Alexander achievements and deeds indicates that he espoused democracy and admonished to the totalitarianism. Likewise, Julius Caesar was a military leader and at the helm in the founding of the Roman Empire. Stories say that on the same day that Alexander was born, the Temple of Diana at Ephesus, which was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, burned down. He won the first elections in his political career at the early forties. June 13, 323.C.: Let him who would vilify Alexander, not select.

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