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and visiting positions at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy at LMU-Munich (mcmp @ LMU) and the Institute travel and tourism dissertation for Logic, Language and Computation at the University of Amsterdam (illc. For more information (including current cv, dissertation abstract, and papers) please see his website. Branden Fitelson, branden Fitelson is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Northeastern University.

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Individual Coherence and Group Coherence, rachael Briggs, Fabrizio Cariani, Kenny Easwaran, Branden Fitelson. In particular, we explain why our new coherence requirement gets around the standard doctrinal paradox. Abstract, paradoxes of individual coherence(e.g., the preface paradox) and group coherence (e.g., the doctrinal paradox for judgment aggregation) typically presuppose that deductive consistency is a coherence requirement for both individual and group judgment. However, we also prove a new impossibility result, which reveals that (more complex) varieties of the doctrinal paradox can arise even for our new notion of coherence. (A.B., Harvard, 1999) Mikes main interests are in epistemology and ethics. Current Academic Position, education. Before entering philosophy, Branden studied math physics at Wisconsin, and he worked as a research scientist at Argonne National Laboratory and a nasa contractor. Colloquium University of Michigan, February 2013.

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