puritans scarlet letter essay

mortality in the colonies where there were no specialized doctors. She was being taught the same lessons from the same religion as everybody else yet she was still ostracized. Influenced by literature review for research stories of the Salem Witch Trials and Anne Hutchinson, Nathaniel Hawthorne presented his ideas of religion in the time period the novel was written. They know that every person has some good inside of them and they try to see it out. Puritan Hypocrisy in the Scarlet Letter Essay introduction. They repeatedly stress their desire for Hester to receive the death penalty instead of the sparing sentence that she received. The supposedly ever-forgiving Puritans would never forgive a child because of the actions of her mother. A baby born anywhere in the world is a symbol of new life and joy. The truth is that along with not being as righteous as the people said they were, the actual town of Boston, where the story takes place, was not as perfect as it was intended. Works Cited Bloom, Harold.

In Puritan communities, whoever commits a sin will be punished. They would not forgive children whose mother sinned, let alone the mother. The Puritans knew that they were not even close to being perfect, and thats why they sealed their new prison with a heavy oak door studded with iron spikes. quot;d as The Scarlet Letter in Bloom, Harold,. The irony is in the fact that the Puritans describe their community as a field of black. Hawthorne chose to represent the congregation the way he did not only to symbolize the hypocrisy, but also to show the truth behind. Though this change was not apparent in the reading, it clearly affected the overall attitude of the book. Puritan Hypocrisy in the Scarlet Letter Essay or any similar topic specifically for you. A second example of providence in the Scarlet Letter is when Dimmesdale is dying on the scaffold.