research papers on spiritual leadership

It is this authors view that these four states of meaningfulness correspond to Torberts post-conventional attributes of the post-convention levels of leadership: the Individualist, Strategist and Alchemist. From the responses of the case study questionnaire, both projects missed understanding the needs of the people in essay pdf arihant the projects. New development processes and a different method of cross-functional collaboration were needed to accomplish the objectives, both requiring transformation. Along with this theory, the researcher explores a change leadership team structure (holarchy) and characteristics associated with a holistic team organized along the integral dimensions of interior-exterior and individual-collective. This enabled global understanding of the strategies and their full support.

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Journal of Organizational Change Management, 10 (5 393-411. A theory of everything: An integral vision for business, politics, science, and spirituality. As Project 2 proceeded and encountered the unknowns of the functional integration required by the massive product launch, Senior Staff decided to form the Leadership Team, the second layer of the governance structure for Project. How did the leadership team relate to others in the organization? Torbert Associates (2004) state that conventional action-logic leaders have demonstrated single loop awareness only. This research follows a comparative case study research methodology. The consciousness quadrant takes on the specific dimension of transformative consciousness. . Reason,., Torbert,. In Jonathan Smith (ed) Qualitative Psychology: A practical guide to research methods. This does not mean uniformity. As documented in the analysis section, the work products and team readiness for this initiative had issues that resulted in major challenges right after the new system and processes went into effect.

Research papers on spiritual leadership
research papers on spiritual leadership

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